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Relive dramatic Jurassic Park scenes with this collectible LEGO brick-built Visitor Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack (76961) play-and-display set for ages 12 and up. The Visitor Center s distinctive architecture is captured in LEGO style, and the entrance hall, kitchen/dining area and lab are divided by semi-transparent screens with dinosaur graphics. Place the buildable T. rex skeleton in the entrance hall and make the When dinosaurs ruled the Earth banner fall down at the flick of a trigger during battles between the posable T. rex and Velociraptor toy figures. Unlimited playA great gift idea for any Jurassic Park fan, the set includes 6 LEGO minifigures Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Alan Grant, Ray Arnold, Dr. Henry Wu, Lex Murphy and Tim Murphy and lots of play-inspiring accessories. LEGO BuilderThe LEGO Builder app offers a convenient way to keep instructions organized. Use the app to zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets, track progress and find inspiration for new builds.

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